Wednesday, June 11, 2014

know what i did today?

Go ahead.  Guess.

Give up?

Okay, I walked into the ladies restroom at the mall ... and wondered why so many men were in there.  Yes, I did.

Know what my brain did?  It screamed and ran out.  It knew something I didn't know.  It knew that I was definitely not in the room that I thought I was in.  My eyes, however, just stared and wondered what the heck was wrong with this picture.  Fortunately, they didn't see anything awful, but they did see a blur of men ... and they knew that something was terribly wrong.

Know what I noticed in my escapades?  That the woman on the woman's restroom sign is wearing a superhero cape.  Ever noticed it?  Men don't have capes on, just the women.  And honestly, haven't we always known it to be true?  That cape just seems to fit.

See?  She's wearing a cape.  The better to fly right out of the wrong bathroom with.

Sigh.  Only me.

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