Monday, June 9, 2014

ho hum

Just another day in the life of moi?  Yeah, probably.

Rick and I woke up this morning to our dog nudging the bed and trying desperately to get our attention.  She put both paws up on the side of the bed and shook it with all of her doggy strength.  And yes, we woke up.  She was smiling her doggy smile and apparently wanting us up for some play time.  It was nearly time for me to get up anyway, so I did.  And it was then that we figured out that the bedroom door had been left open.  Normally it's closed.  Normally I close it.  But normally I go to bed last.  Rick was last, last night, so yes, this was Rick's fault.  Had to be.  I have no faults.

When I stepped outside of the bedroom, I was in for an even bigger surprise.  Not only was our bedroom door opened, but our back door was opened, too.  I stood there trying not to panic but I couldn't help thinking that there was someone in our house.  And I would've continued to worry had I not noticed that IT WAS STORMING OUTSIDE.  Something fierce, it was.  And it wasn't just storming outside, it was storming inside as well.  An inch of water was pooling on our living room floor.  The dog's bed was floating off to another room.  And the dog was just smiling.  "See, I told you it was a good idea for you to wake up," she hinted at me.

Fortunately we have a tile floor.  Fortunately I knew where a zillion towels were.  And fortunately I got to go to work and leave this fun scene for Rick to deal with.  Yes, I got to head on out to work during one of the worst storms in Texas history.  I'm just sure it was.  And it was Rick that left the back door unlocked so that the wind could blow it open.  I'm just sure he was.

So why did I head off to work?  Because even though school is out for the summer, I have the fun of getting to continue working through the 17th of June.  All of the school teachers are gone now, the kids are gone and a few of my immediate coworkers have just two more days of work.  Not me, though!  I get to stay on until the 17th!.  Whee.

So, so far nothing too notable was going on, right?  The water tale didn't do it for you?  Well then, I'll tell you that my renter gave his notice last night.  The lease was to continue through December but he needed out on Friday, six full months before December.  And ... he thought I should give him some money back.  Say what???

And less that 24 hours later, I had had three phone calls and had shown the property to a new couple, received their deposit and their first month's rent and agreed to hold the place for them.

Still not enough for you?  Well then, on my way home from showing the townhouse and collecting our money, I stopped at Hobby Lobby and bought every item that I thought would compliment my new bedroom decor of "our travels."  I then headed to Precision Auto to collect my daughter's newly repaired car, Kroger to buy a few groceries, the bank to deposit the rent from my new renter and home to prepare our dinner.  A prepared dinner?  Well, I ordered pizza from Papa John's.  Shut up.

Rick is railing from a bout of Vertigo (his third or fourth attack) so he required a bit of extra care tonight, too.  That's always fun.  And that meant that he also got a delivery of Chinese food for his dinner.

Laundry, finishing touches put on our bedroom and an episode of The Bachelorette and I was ready to call it a day.  However, I forgot something big.  Liz wanted to watch a few I Love Lucy episodes with me and Rick wanted to watch a show on King Tut.  I just wanted to go to bed.  The dishes could wait one more day.  The trash could not, however, and out I went to tote the two huge bins to the curb for tomorrow's pick up.

By the way, King Tut won for our viewing pleasure, just for the record.  And Rick still doesn't believe that I saw the boy king in Egypt when I was there in 1979.  That fun discussion needed to happen tonight, too.

So, is it still a typical day at the Kahle's house?

Yes.  The dishes from last night's meal were still all waiting for me when I returned home from work/property rental/store/car repair.  The bed was still messy and although demanding some attention early on, it was nicely waiting for me when I got home, too.  Know what else was waiting for me?  The water.  Yep, still there.  Even the dog's bed was still hijacked to another room.

Know what's on the agenda for tomorrow?  See above.  'Cuz that's just plain enough for one day.  Too much even.  And most of what didn't get done?  It'll all get done tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or never at all.

Who cares?  I've got a dog bed to chase and a husband to put in it.  And that's about all I've got the strength for tonight.

Come back in a week and I'll still be here.  So will the trash cans that didn't get drug down to the street.  So will the pizza crumbs and the sink full of dirty dishes.  The dog's bed won't be, though.

Gosh life is fun over here.  No really.  It really is.

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