Friday, June 6, 2014

Arrivederci, Roma

Hoo dawg, that striped background was annoying.  How do you like the bright yellow one?  Too bright?

Weigh in and I'll see if I need to change it again.  Sometimes I get a bit restless and change things up ... about 100 times before I settle on something.  Remind me not to settle on those bright stripes again.

By the way ...

SCHOOL'S OUT!   Not for me but for all the little kiddos.  It won't be SUMMER for me until June 17th but you know what?  I am just fine with that.  The kiddos are gone and the place will be quiet for a change.  Well, here's hoping.

And you know what?  I have several projects planned for my summer vacation.  I'm planning to clean up all of my flash drives, I plan to clean out my closet and I plan to organize and put ALL of my THOUSANDS of photographs into photo albums.  That last one?  My first priority.  Pray that I actually get it done.  I have six weeks.  GO!

And with all that said, there's one more thing that I'm going to admit now.  There's a book on the horizon.  I swore I'd never write another one especially since I was so unhappy with the first one.  But a lot of the problems with the first one were the fault of the publisher.  There's a new publisher on the horizon, too.  And ... on your mark, get set, GO!  Again.  Details to follow.

In the meantime, may the words of Alice Cooper ring out loud and clear ....


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