Monday, July 21, 2014

next stop ...

... home.  Just kidding.  But the place that we would call home for the next couple of days was our next stop.  First of all, Rick chose San Antonio.  Rick wanted to come to San Antonio.  Rick wanted to see the Alamo.  And Rick selected this vacation spot because it wasn't very far from our home.

Or so he thought.

Five and a half hours of driving time later, (we made several stops so I'm only counting up the driving time) we arrived at our new home.  Rick was amazed at how long it took.  I reminded him that that was what FIVE AND A HALF HOURS OF DRIVING felt like.  He still seemed so surprised.

But we did arrive.

And while I was off parking the car ... he was off shmoozing with the front desk gal.  I always secure us the best rooms with the best views of the best walls or trash cans.  Rick managed to get us a FULL UPGRADE with a room ON THE RIVER overlooking THE RIVERWALK.


Rick is now in charge of getting us rooms all the time.

Rick done good.  Too bad he didn't order cooler weather for us, though.


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