Saturday, July 19, 2014

to cure the moodiness ...

... we snuck away for a couple of days.  I really really really wanted to go somewhere during my summer break but the time just got away from us.  We were either awaiting info on Liz' trial date (didn't want to be away and unable to return to the big event) or we had some dr. appts. lined up that we couldn't miss or we were poor (when aren't we, though?) or we (well, I) just didn't have the energy.  A little bit of each of those excuses, I'm afraid.  However, the last one rang the truest.

I return to work this coming Thursday so I just HAD to be able to say I went somewhere.  Anywhere.  And, San Antonio won the pool.  So off we went on Wednesday.

First stop?  Italy, Texas.  We didn't KNOW we were in Italy, Texas... it just so happens that the gas station we stopped at was in Italy.  And it just so happens that the gas station has THIS attached to it!!!  I was a very happy girl!  I grew up loving this place.  Well, not THIS one in particular, but many of it's cousins.

Now, it sure ain't what it used to be... but it'll do.  It used to be a full, free-standing store but now it's just a small little area in a truck stop.  Still ...

And once I was all pecan-logged up, off we headed ... to remember the Alamo.


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