Monday, August 4, 2014

15 minutes?

So what were my little glimpses of fame?  Well, here goes.

I said there were two but actually, it's really one.  One that spread and branched out into another.  And both that my own significant other caused.

Think Hurricane Hugo.

My soon-to-be husband booked our honeymoon on a soon-to-be-devastated-by-a-hurricane island.  That hurricane wiped out fifty people around us and blew the roof off of our hotel room and flooded us out and had us fighting for our lives.

A newspaper was waiting for us when we returned to the Mainland and published our story in three papers.  Hurricanes may be common in gulf ports but they are not common in California.  Hence, instant celebrities.  And old friendships were renewed due to this.  And fame was enjoyed.

And then that little event lead to another.

25 years later, a contest was entered that asked, "Who had a horrible wedding, is still married and would like a do-over?"  Well, I didn't have a horrible wedding, just a horrible honeymoon but I entered anyway.  And that lead to winning a radio contest that had us being guests of honor on a live radio show, getting a second wedding for our 25th wedding anniversary and then being invited guests of the DJ to a fancy, schmancy dinner afterwards.

So, the hurricane caused all that?  Well, yes and no.

What really brought about the fame (and it was still caused by Rick) was his Lupus.  Say what?

The Lupus story is old news now and I won't rehash it all here but suffice it to say that Rick's Lupus story and the tale of his coma and his overcoming his memory loss FAR SURPASSED the little honeymoon blooper that lead to the radio contest winning.  Yes, it sure did.  And once the radio folk learned HOW MUCH MORE EXCITING Rick's memory loss was ... well, that earned us much more fun and fame than the little honeymoon faux pas ever did.  Never mind that I had to fight for my life.

I guess Rick's fighting for HIS life was much more interesting.


Anyway, we had our fame.  And it was fun.  And we both enjoyed people coming up to us at the fancy, schmancy dinner asking for our autographs.  SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE????

And all of this leads up to the fact that Rick's and my 25th wedding anniversary (yes, our REAL wedding anniversary) is fast approaching.  And we haven't a clue how to celebrate it.  Nothing can trump a radio wedding.  Nothing.

And you know what?  We wouldn't change a thing.

'Cept maybe we'd eliminate the honeymoon faux pas.  And maybe that coma thing.


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