Thursday, August 7, 2014

i have ...

... a mosquito bite.  I actually have more than one mosquito bite.  More that two.  Even more than three!  At last count, I had fifteen mosquito bites.  F I F T E E N.

I figured I had a record number of bites adorning my arms and legs.  Maybe a world's record!  Maybe even the Guinness Book of World Records number of bites.

Then one of my smart aleck friends sent me this:

We're not friends anymore.  If I can't have the world's record, then I don't want to play.

Besides, fifteen is my favorite number.  700 is not.

Fifteen is the number of ... pennies I have in my cupholder in my car.  It's the number of minutes of fame that I think I had.  And it's the number of flavors of Sonic drinks that I like.  Wait, maybe it's 700 after all.

Either way, I bet I itch just as much as Diane.  

So there.


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