Thursday, August 21, 2014

okay, so ...

So we weren't going out of town on any of our wedding anniversaries.  I got that.  At first it was Rick's guard duty weekends and then it became the start of school.  Rick left the military in 1994 and Elizabeth started school right after that.  My September 9ths have been booked solid ever since.

Just thinking ... Rick missed our very first anniversary.  He had been called away for some silly adventure with the Air Force and I celebrated with my maid of honor and her husband.  Yeah, it was fun.  Actually it was.  It turns out that I was pregnant (unbeknownst to anyone yet) and we were about to be in for the ride of our lives.  Oh, just for the record ... that silly Air Force adventure was actually Desert Storm and Desert Shield, the Iraq vs. Kuwait war that almost had Rick away for a full year.  Fortunately his mission was aborted and he came home to the news that we were expecting a child.  We like to do things fancy, you know?

So how did we spend all of those anniversaries?  Well, not in Arkansas.

For our first few anniversaries, Rick had found an adorable little Italian restaurant in Glendale, Ca. that we came to love.  Noodles.  Sadly it went out of business right before our fourth anniversary but we managed to have a couple of good dinners there.

You think that was a sign?  The restaurant going out of business?  Or Rick missing our first anniversary?  Ha!  We don't pay no heed to no signs.  If we had, we certainly wouldn't be about to celebrate our 25th.

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.  It just hit me how long that is.

Of course, Rick thinks it's 26.  I guess it just seems like 26 to him.

Seems like forever to me ...


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