Wednesday, September 3, 2014

hump day, grump day

Our anniversary is fast approaching.  Just when I have all the plans solidified for this monumental mark, things change.  Why do things gotta change?

So, we aren't going to Hawaii, we aren't even going to Alabama.  We are instead going to Dallas.  But we can't go to Dallas for the exact time period that we want to because Elizabeth's trial date has gotten moved.  To September 8th.  To the night before our big anniversary dinner.  So much for the little out of town getaway I had planned over the weekend and for the 9th, our actual anniversary.

Instead of said trip to Hawaii, Rick and I decided on new rings.  You know what, though?  Those rings we picked?  Absolutely no cheaper than a trip to Hawaii.  Dang, we might as well have gone to the islands after all.

So anyway, because of the trial, we are only allowed to celebrate our anniversary on our anniversary.  Now that may not seem all that bothersome to most ... but IT'S MY 25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!  That don't come along everyday, ya' know.

But now the plans are solidified.  We will dine at a TGI Friday's this weekend, because that's where Rick and I met.  We will dine on another day at a Fuddruckers because after Rick and I had a fight (way back when - we've never had one since) that's where we made up.  And we will dine at a restaurant named "Old Warsaw" on our actual anniversary because that's where my cousin Judy told us to.  Yeah, whatever.  She's from Texas, she knows where to go.  If it were up to Rick, we'd be at McDonald's.  If it were up to me, we'd be in Hawaii.

Aside from all of that, we will spend the night of our anniversary at a hotel in Dallas, the Hyatt Regency, because that's attached to the Dallas Reunion Tower and, uh, Rick just wants to go there.  So, it's all worked out, right?


Elizabeth's trial date was moved YET AGAIN.  It's no longer on the 8th of September.  It's now in January.  Elizabeth is overcome with sadness about it all, too.  But it means that we can now go away for the four days that we had wanted to.  However, the hotel we picked NO LONGER HAS ROOMS available over the weekend and on the 8th.  Of course it doesn't.

And to make things worse?  We picked up our rings.  Mine isn't nearly as pretty as I thought it was gonna be ... and Rick's was sized wrong.  We now have no hotel, no vacay and no rings.

You know what, though?  It's all par for the course for us.  The Kahles have never had things go smoothly.  Never.  There's always been a hitch or two in our paths.  All of these little snafus?  Typical.  And we are already so in practice for snafus.  We just are.  The only thing that could truly dampen our spirits would be if it rained over the weekend.

And then ... ?  Rick just announced that it's gonna rain over the weekend.

Happy 25th wedding anniversary Kris and Rick.  You're gonna make it after all.


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