Saturday, September 6, 2014

beginning to celebrate

We have our rings!  And just in time, too.

Rick's new ring ...

... and mine!

They look nothing alike, but don't tell Rick.  He'd only let me get it if they matched.  So, uh, they match, okay?  Okay???

And our first real celebration begins today.

We are heading out to a restaurant where we met, where we had our first-ish date.  It was a double date and a blind date.  'Cept it wasn't at this restaurant.  Well, it was ... but it wasn't.  Sigh.

We met at a TGI Fridays in Marina Del Rey, California.  And since we're NOT in Marina Del Rey at the moment, we're just going to Plano, Texas.  

Not quite the same?

So, off we go.  To Plano.  Shoot, might as well have gone to Arkansas.


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