Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jingle Bells

The keys ... have been found.  Oh. Yes. They. Have.  And I feel like celebrating!

We got a call last night with nothing but the jingling of keys in the receiver.  It was Elizabeth and she delivered the good news.  Both Rick and I were terribly excited.  The keys he lost on moving day HAD OUR ADDRESS ON THEM so, yeah, I didn't sleep well for a few days after the move.  Then I forgot about them.  But still ...

Both Liz and I tore her apartment apart and I had scoured each and every car in the caravan of movers.  Well, they weren't in the car... but they were in the apartment.  So how come we didn't find the lost keys????  Because we didn't look in THE HAMPER!!

Yes, the lost keys were found in a hamper.  And, um, WHY WOULD I LOOK IN A HAMPER?  I knew the keys wouldn't be mixed in with dirty clothes.  I just knew that.  And you know what?  They weren't mixed in with dirty clothes.  They were mixed in with CLEAN CLOTHES and lamps and cds and towels and anything but dirty clothes.  'Cuz Liz had just moved.  There were no dirty clothes.  Therefore, I'm a dork.

So, back to celebrating ... Rick wanted champagne.  I wanted anything wonderful.  Know how we celebrated?  Rick turned on Castle and I ran out to a drama rehearsal.  We are one wild and crazy couple, no?


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