Monday, November 3, 2014

post weekend

So, I mentioned that my weekend was crazy and yes, it was.  But it was fun.  Tons o' fun.

It all began last Wednesday when I had a choir practice and a drama practice after work.  That kept me out late and I then had to get up VERY EARLY to take my dear darling daughter to the airport.  She was traveling to Tucson for a wedding and I had the dubious honors of taking her to the airport at the crack of dawn and then taking care of her cat... at her apartment.  Oh, the dear darling cat.  I honestly considered forgetting to feed it or at least leaving the door open and seeing what would happen... but I did my deed.  I fed and watered and pottied the cat.  But first I drove Liz to the airport.

After work on Thursday, long before I got to come home and rest my little head, I met my sister in law for dinner and then visited with Jeannie the cat.  Then I headed out to an acting workshop that I'm taking for the next six weeks.  Home at ten, bedded down by twelve-ish and then up on Friday to attend a very long meeting of sorts at work.  It was a visit to another school... back by two-ish and then after a few hours of work, I headed to dinner with two cousins who happened into town at the last minute.  Sure, come on over.  I'm free.  (Actually I am free for them... but that didn't help my tiredness.)  And then, yes, Halloween happened.  And don't forget about the dear darling cat.

Saturday brought an all day visit to Canton, a huge Texas garage sale of sorts, with three friends.  It was two hours away and I figured we'd be there until noon or so.  But no.  We managed to stay until dinnertime and then we jumped back on the road for our two hour jaunt back.  Home at ten, oh yes, again.

Sunday?  Church and then two, yes TWO, drama rehearsals.  Well, one was a planning meeting that ran even longer than a regular rehearsal.

But the best part of the whole weekend?  Today.  Yes, today.  I was oh so blessed to have a tooth extracted early in the morning and yes, it darn near ruined my whole day.  I miss my tooth.  It was with me for nearly 50 years and we'd formed quite a bond.  Yes we had.  And now, amidst the blood and guts that I'm left with, I'm pretty much hating life.

And how was your weekend?  Kept all your teeth?


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