Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ps and Qs

The good news is ... I ate a pea.   The bad news is ... the pea is now stuck between two of my teeth and I am not about to go fishing it out!

My diet has increased a bit since Monday but I still can't even consider that ice cream I'm allowed to eat.  I'm not all that thrilled about peas, mind you, but at least it was a warm pea.

Besides the exciting news that I can eat peas, I have other exciting news as well.  My six stitches?  They're coming out!  Wait, I'm actually not supposed to be excited about that because it's WAY TOO SOON for this to be happening.  Ten days?  Nope, it's only been two.  But dang, they're a-comin' out.  Well, actually, they're FALLING OUT!  I've got strings and strings and strings hanging in my mouth and trying to choke me.  So not fun.

And finally ... in other news ... I tried something new for pain.  Okay, okay, it's not other news.  I don't have any other news.  None.  So, I'll continue on this insane topic.  I went to my choir practice tonight and was experiencing some slight discomfort.  (Slight is just a bit of an understatement mind you.)  The lady sitting next to me could tell something was wrong with my mouth (probably because all of the words I speak right now are ending in F) and offered me her essential oils.  (You've heard of DoTerra and Young Living, right?)  She gave me the one for pain and told me to dab it on the surgery site.  And I did.  

I left choir early due to the pain... FROM THE OILS!  Yeesh, that stuff burns!!  So not only do I ache from surgery, I have first degree burns on the roof of my mouth from PAN AWAY, the oil that's supposed to take pain away.  Instead it took me away from any fun tonight.

At least it made me forget about the pea in my mouth ...


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