Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Domino Effect

So it was back to the dentist today.  Not for any particular check up or follow up.  Not because the dentist said if there were a problem it'd happen on Thursday.  Nope.  It was for the string issue.  I got tired of trying to swallow all of the strings hanging from the roof of my mouth.  And so, off I went.

Know what happened?  The ol' dentist took some little scissors and starting cutting away.  Yes, I could've done that myself but I was scared I'd cut too far, pull too hard or stab myself with the pointy end of the scissors.  I can't afford to be stabbed anymore.

Know what else happened?  He also pulled something out of my mouth.  When I asked what it was, he said, "Stuff."  But I know it was a pea.

And finally, know what else is going on?  I'm having phantom string feelings.  l'm just sure that there are more strings hanging down from my teeth.  I'm sure of it.  And yet, there isn't.

Is there?

And, by the way, when can I eat pizza?  I fear that Papa John's will go out of business without my support ...


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