Monday, December 15, 2014

gotta tell ya' ...

... life's been pretty darn exciting lately.

Not only did I just finish a run of "Joy To The World, It's Christmas!" at our church (the first play there that I actually enjoyed) but I've decided to return to Kohl's to pick up where I left off.  The employee discount just kept drawing me back.

And, I learned today that they have caught the guy who kidnapped Christina Morris from The Shops At Legacy.  This makes this mommy's heart quite peaceful.

My Christmas shopping is done, my baby girl has returned from her business trip in New Jersey and I even managed to get the lights up on our house.  Well, in our yard, anyway.  AND ... there are only FOUR MORE WORK DAYS until I have a two week break!

So, Whee!  Life can calm down now.  And for me, that's pretty darn exciting.

And yet ... of course ... nothing is ever lasting.

I've learned that I HAVE JURY DUTY on my first day back to work after the Christmas break.  Of course I do.  Where most folks get out of jury duty because there is no need for them on a jury at that time, the courts will have just had two weeks off as well and I know (I KNOW!) they'll find a jury for me.  Darn it.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT????   It'll be at the SAME court that Christina Morris' kidnapper is being tried at.  Yep, I'll be on that case, I just know it.  And if I'm not?  Elizabeth's case is coming up, too.  Maybe I can be on that case!  I'd like that.

Seriously, though, I wouldn't get put on either of those cases.  Conflict of interest or something.  Know what case I'll probably get?  A repeat of the last case I was on ... the girl who didn't wear her seatbelt and decided she needed a full jury to decide if she could hang a cop.  Yep, I was on that famous trial.

Oh, January.  Please don't hurry any too quickly.


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