Wednesday, December 24, 2014

ho ho ho

I found this on Facebook today.

Oh, I know who it is and I know who did the artwork... but I wasn't suspecting her comments ... 

"Mommy's name might be Kris, but Daddy's the one doing all the present delivery ...  Have fun with your stuff guys, that bag looks like it's got all kinds of surprises in it."

Ho Ho Ho ... that bag had trash in it.  Rick was on his way to make a deposit in the garage.  The funny part of it all?  Liz actually figured out that it was trash.  Liz actually knew about trash?  That, I just can't even fathom.

$10 bucks says you can't tell me what that little red thing on the floor is ... in front of Rick ... that nearly tripped him.  Yeah, stop smiling at the camera, buddy, and watch where you're going!


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