Tuesday, December 30, 2014

ho ho ho

Wanna see a funny gift I gave my daughter for Christmas?  Good.  Thought you would.  I think it's her favorite.  Then again, every gift I gave her was her favorite.  Or so she said ...

No, it's not a refrigerator.  It's the colorful stuff inside.  Can you figure out what it is?

While you try to guess, I'll show you what my favorite gift was.  Wait.  This wasn't my favorite gift.  Heck, it's not even true.

Below is actually a favorite gift that I received.  It lets Rick know that his dinner won't be waiting every night for him anymore.  No More!

Yep, this is definitely my favorite.  

Figured out what was in Liz' freezer, yet?


And here's what you do with them.  She's busy freezing them to do just that.

'Cept she's allergic to beer.  And Mickey probably is, too.  


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