Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Did I learn anything in 2014?  I'm sure I did ... I must've.  While I struggle to think of anything admirable that I did or tried to do or even just wished for, I thought I'd try to think of something wonderful to wish for in 2015.

My husband and my daughter have never made New Year's Resolutions, therefore I've stopped making them.  That is not something to brag about.  As a result, I've given up trying to lose weight, eat healthy, save money and just be an all-around nicer person.

THIS YEAR, HOWEVER ... my husband has asked me to take on a New Year's Resolution.  And with the help of the internet and my friends, I am going to try to keep this resolution.

Does he want me to lose weight?  No, that's something I want to do.
Does he want me to save money?  Well, yes, but he didn't say that specifically.  Not last night anyway.  How about being a nicer person?

B I N G O !!!!

Rick has asked me to stop picking on him.  So ... here goes.  Wish me luck.

In the meantime, I've figured out what it was I learned in 2014 ...

Christmas trees go on sale a week before Christmas.
If you put your tree up early (in October) your stress doesn't lessen.  It just lasts longer.
Your elderly dog becomes a puppy again when you toss her a toy.
If you clean your fridge, you'll just have to clean it again eventually.
Laundry doesn't do itself.
If you call your car insurance to ask how much your policy will go up if you have an accident ... you'll get to find out.  They count THE CALL as a claim.
Dishes don't do themselves.

And finally, if you decide you want to work a retail job as Christmas help, you will never find the time to actually work at it.

So ... what did I really learn?  Stay in bed and pull the covers over your head.  You'll get just about as far.

Oh, and even though pizza will never be as good in Texas as it is in California ... you WILL learn to accept it.  And eat it.  And like it.  Really, you will.

That last one, folks, is the most important lesson of 2014 that I needed to learn...


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