Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New ... oh skip it.

Sooo, are we supposed to wait until today or tomorrow to break our New Year resolutions? Or was it yesterday and I missed it?

My daughter posted this on Facebook this morning and it caused me to giggle.  I've already broken almost all of my New Year's Resolutions (I only have two so this is giving me cause to worry).  

Was I not nice to Rick?  Check.  But I can explain, Your Honor.

A trip to the doctor on New Year's Eve for an excessively painful hip earned Rick a new medicine for pain management.  Said med (that rhymes!) was WAAAAY too strong for Rick.  Said New Year's Eve was a ton of fun, I can assure you.  Not.  And New Year's Day?  Good grief.  Don't even go there.  Rick was a nut!  He literally had to spend the day in bed to sleep it all off and we will be adding a new medicine to his list of NEVER GIVE HIM THESE AGAIN!  

Um, believe me, I was not so nice to him and yes, I picked on him.  I confess.

But, I do have another resolution.  And so far?  Well, I'm not perfect.  But I'm still on track.  And I'm beyond determined to make this one work.  Okay, not BEYOND determined... but I'm determined.  And it ain't broken yet.

I will eat healthily.  Thank you, Noreen Brown.  You have been and are my inspiration.  And I'm still on track.  That alone is worthy of an Oreo.  

So, back to Liz.  I love the quip.  And I love her humor.  And you can check back with me in a few weeks, few days, few months ... to see if I broke my other one.

Probably won't even take a month.  Or a day.  I'm hungry now.


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