Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Liz speaks ...

And here is what she had to say.  She says it best ... about what the Kahle family has been struggling with lately.  And sadly, I didn't even realize how this was affecting her.  (Side note:  She puts together a daily newspaper but took a day off to chat about what she saw at our house last night.  Should you ever want to look up her little newspaper ... it's called "The Daily Kahle")


Today is Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

I didn't forget about your news I promise. I actually had a really nice spread set up for tonight. But I came over to my parents' house after work for movie night and now everything is all upside down and backwards and nothing makes sense.

That sounds so dramatic, I'm sorry. I just mean... ωσя∂ѕ αяє нαя∂... breathe... Ok.          I just... I spent the last two hours sitting at my daddy's bedside, talking with him, crying my eyes out, trying to understand what it is I'm even seeing.

I'm looking at a man who literally screams out in pain every time one of his limbs or his neck moves even a fraction of an inch. He can't use his left leg, can't put any weight on it at all or it buckles underneath him and he goes down to the ground. Even still, EVEN STILL, he is completely obsessed with making sure neither Mommy nor I are put out trying to take care of him.

He'll bend down to pick up something that drops, he'll hobble and limp and virtually fall into the kitchen to retrieve his pills, anything to take on the chore himself so that we can, quote, "stay put, you're comfortable sitting there on the couch, don't get up."

Not to mention that he's cracking jokes and asking about my work day and aiming to entertain his family the entire time.


I just don't understand how this person is even real. How does a man like that even exist, how is this possible. Literally the ONLY person I can think of who was willing to suffer like that so that his loved ones wouldn't have to is Jesus Christ.

I don't want to get preachy on you of course, I'm just explaining what's going on in my head.

It makes no logical sense to me how he can be in that situation and choose to respond in this way. Meanwhile I was put off by having to listen to my cat use the litterbox loudly before I was out of bed this morning.

Just puts everything into perspective. It's good for the soul, keeps you calibrated to what's actually happening in the world.


Thanks for letting me share this.   - Kris


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