Tuesday, January 13, 2015

because ...

... Rick wants to move and because our house has some structural problems, I have consented to search for us a new home.  I don't really want to move, but I'm a tad scared of my house.  It cracks and snaps and pops all the time.  Loudly.  LOUDLY.  And usually in the middle of the night causing me to bolt awake fearing that someone in my house has just been shot.  Since no one ever turns up dead, I usually fall back asleep.  But not before I make a mental note to call All-Pro back out to inspect our foundation again.  

That day just happened to be today.  All-Pro corrected some foundation problems for us 1 1/2 years ago by raising up our garage and placing "piers" underneath it.  (Think bouys keeping a large boat from bashing into the dock.  Wait, are those bouys?  Okay, don't think bouys.  Think white thingies that dangle from the side of a boat.  That's a pier.  I think.)  I was fearing the worst today, fearing that instead of the garage slipping a bit more, now the entire house would need lifting.  And not just a face lift ... an entire body lift.  All I could see were massive dollar signs floating up above our house.  Hence the decision that it was now time to move.

But who'd buy a house that has structural damage?  Certainly not me.

Anyway, we got the good news today that all is well.  The house does creak.  And crack.  And pop.  And occasionally take out it's BB Gun and point it at our roof... but all is well.  No shooter could be found.  We do have to remove a tree ... but I've never really liked that tree anyway.  It gets in the way of my view of the fence.

So, are we moving?  Nope.  But don't tell Rick that.  Actually, we'll need to move before Rick turns 65 (finances, finances) but until then, I want to enjoy my pretty and large house.

I did spend a little bit of time looking around though.  I found this:

Tell me this doesn't look like a little dry cleaners.  Possibly even a drive-thru.  Hey, there's a good idea.  Live in a drive-thru.  I can't even imagine how handy that would be.

This home that I found has such a private and spacious backyard.  Good grief.  I guess I'd have to refrain from nude sun bathing.  Well, since there's no pool, that's probably a good idea anyway.

And nothing beats this backyard.  Room for a whole tree.

Wanna know the funniest thing I found?  Someone selling a little chest of drawers ... for my new home, I guess.

Faux pas, anyone?

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