Sunday, January 11, 2015

wanna know ...

what really caused me to throw my back out?


She brought over a healthy, organic, wonderful for you, no better tasting pretend coke.  Kambucha, I think she called it.  Not sure, doesn't even matter.  But she insisted I try it and she swore I'd love it.

It was okay.  Just okay.  And after a few sips, I put it in my fridge and forgot about it.  On Saturday morning I found it, pulled it out of the fridge and took a few more swigs.  I didn't even panic when I noticed that the expiration date had passed.

I DID panic, though, when I saw something swimming in the bottom of the bottle ... after I'd already drank half.

Fearing that it was rotten and I was soon going to die ... I panicked, choked and began to cough.  I coughed so hard that my entire body turned hot and ... out my back decided to go.

So, you see?  It's Liz' fault.  And Kambucha's.  And the jelly fish swimming around in the coke.

It tasted good, though.  Wish I had another one right now.


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