Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year's Resolution ...

... has flown out the window, I'm afraid.

The Kahles have had a week.  Nothing we won't rise up from, but still.

The week started with Rick's pain becoming WAAAAY too intense and us having to rush him to the hospital.  He was not admitted (even though I begged) but we did learn that his pain is NOT coming from his left hip that he SWORE was the cause.  Nope.  The X-rays showed that his former hip replacement is still beautiful.  That left only one thing ... his back.  Two doctors concurred that he has Sciatica and the pain is radiating from his back into both hips, the worst being his left.  Do I foresee more back surgery for Rick?  Yes.  But don't tell Rick that.  He won't have any of it.  No more knives for him, he demands.  We'll see.  But, right now, we are treating the pain with some strong pain meds.

And, right before all of the hospital excitement, Rick visited his primary care dr. and was given a preliminary pain medicine that about did him in.  Well, me anyway.  I'm the one who had to care for him.  Some pain meds make him goofy.  This pain medicine made him downright crazy!  And, sadly, it did nothing, except cause me to refuse him from taking any more.  Hence, the hospital stay that followed.

So, the Kahles had some excitement and then some cold, cold weather.  Then some bouts of exhaustion.  And some more cold weather.  And then, because I was feeling a bit left out I guess, I threw my own back out.  Wanna know how I did it?  I coughed.  Yeah, I know.  Hard to believe.  If I told you the real reason, though, you'd just shake your head.

So, here we are.  It's Saturday night and you're possibly wondering how all of this ties into me giving up my New Year's Resolution.  Maybe?  Well, here's how.  Lock me up in my house during a cold spell and two rounds of back trouble ... and a sister-in-law that dropped off three casseroles?

Yep.  It's an eating fest over here.  When one of us can crawl to the refrigerator, that is.


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