Wednesday, February 18, 2015

funky town

So, I've slept since that last post... and I've had a change of heart.  Maybe it was just those chickens up there that did it.  Yeah, that's probably it.  I've always had a soft spot for Easter eggs.

I'm ready to go to Rick's nephew's wedding ... but I'm awfully busy right now (shut up) so it's good it's in June.   I have no desire to go to Washington DC again, so maybe Rick's surgery will interrupt that.  And if it doesn't ... maybe I'll send Elizabeth to go with him instead of me.  She's the better speaker anyway.

I don't want a new house right now ... so Rick's surgery will continue to interrupt that, too.

I hate Domino's so I won't be ordering any of that.

And I am helping Elizabeth book a trip to Walt Disney World today and that has totally brightened my whole day.  I originally wanted to go with her ... but now I think I'd like to stay home ... and just let her go on her own.  She's old enough.  23 is definitely old enough, especially since she used to live there ... without me.  I'm going to live vicariously through her.

I think I've figured out my problem.

Agoraphobia.  Fear of open market places.  Well, not literally, but literally.  I prefer to think of it as the "I am going to stay home and never go out at all" disease.  Home is such a nice place.  It's not Washington DC, it's not Norman, Oklahoma and it's not Orlando, Florida.  It's not even California any more.

Me and Rick.  Home.  Never going out.  Nope, never.  'Cept for pizza ... cuz I hate Domino's.  Good thing Papa John's delivers, too.


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