Sunday, February 22, 2015

ice ice baby ..

I am beyond thrilled that school has been cancelled for tomorrow.  It's an ice, ice day, baby!

I have SO MANY things I'm going to get done.  And I will.  No, really.

My linen closet needs cleaning out ... and I'll do it, too.

Laundry needs doin', fridge needs cleaning, closet needs to be pared down and the abundance of shoes I have needs to be scaled down, too.  My pantry's a mess and will get my full attention tomorrow.

The floors are a bit sticky, the ashes in my fireplace need to be cleaned out ... and, of course, tomorrow is a good day to start on the garage.

Ooh, can't forget the pile of clothes that need repair.   Which reminds me, tomorrow will be a good day to set up my new sewing machine.

Remember that Super Bowl party I had?  The TV/DVR box is still upstairs and needs to be brought down.  I'll do that, too.  And my vaccuum is lonely.  I might as well get started on the vaccuuming, too.


Here's what I'll really be doing on my day off tomorrow ....

Well, it's been on my kitchen table since Super Bowl Sunday.  I think it actually takes precedence.  Yeah, it does.


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