Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I am that person ... the person who sends out that ridiculous email from another country, claiming to have been robbed by an armed assailant and having nothing left in my possession but the shirt on my back ... and probably a tote bag full of souvenirs.  Yes, I am that person.  Please send money so I can get home.  You can wire the money to ...

And today, that unknown armed assailant got me.  So here I am, sending that pathetic email out to anyone who'll listen ... trying to get money.  You can use Western Union, if you prefer.  I'm not picky.

Actually, it wasn't really me, but it was Kris Kahle.  Or at least it was my Visa card.  Yep, my Visa card made it to Italy with a short stop in New York first.  To buy a house or two.

Got the call today from my bank asking if I was travelling (I wish) and had I ever heard of POLIMODA?  Nope and Nope.  Had I done any business recently with Newfield Realty?  Nope.  Bought any houses lately?  Nope.  And no, I was not funding anyone to attend a fashion design institute in Italy, although I think I will volunteer to fly there tonight, you know, just to straighten things out in person.


Why not.  Life has been so boring lately... I needed something like this to spice it up.

Good grief.


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