Thursday, March 12, 2015

prep day

Spent a good portion of the day getting Rick ready for his vacation surgery.  We had to pop over to the hospital to pick up some soap that he has to use three times (that means THREE showers) on his back to cleanse it.  What the heck is that all about?  I'm sure he'll sweat the sterilization off by morning.

Rick has also been mentally packing and calling out things he wants to bring with him ALL DAY.  May I say ... SHUT UP!!  You'd think he was going on a long cruise.  I wish I was going on a long cruise.

Somewhere around 8:00 tonight, he decided that one suitcase wouldn't be enough and he would need two.  Seriously, Rick?  He wanted to bring his robe, his tennies, his toothbrush, his planner, his cell phone, his iPad, his watch, two pair of sweats, two pair of jeans ... and the list went on and on.  It took all I had and it took a lot of volume to convince him that I AM NOT HAULING TWO (or even one) SUITCASE ALL OVER THE HOSPITAL TOMORROW.  He argued that he'd just keep them in his room!


Will, too.

Will NOT.

Will, too.

I won, because I convinced him he could pack them but we would have to leave them in the car.  I plan to actually leave them at home.  Oops!   He thinks HE won because he's sure I'll regret my decision and will be eating my words.

Hey, not my first rodeo, Pal.  I've got this.  Plus, I only live THREE BLOCKS AWAY.  Anything I've forgotten IS NOT LOST FOREVER!

Rick thought about it and still decided that I would regret this.  But he accepted it.

Then he asked if he should bring his walker or his cane.

NEITHER, PAL.  I'm pretty sure the hospital has a few of those.

A few more moments passed and he then told me that he would have to remind the nurses to keep him on his side ... to prevent bed sores.

Good thing the nurses will have Rick there tomorrow.  I'd hate for all of those RNs to just be sitting around wondering what to do with those cute little bed pans.


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