Monday, March 2, 2015

speaking of snow ...

My dog Midnight, who's terrified of rain, adored the snow.  Go figure.

I couldn't get her to come in.  She trompled all over the place.

She's beginning to sink, here.  Soon she'll be buried.  Alive.  Just kidding.  It only went up to her knees.  Do dogs have knees?

My car was buried up to its knees, too.  I know cars have knees.

This all started while I was at work on Friday.  Guess who wore heels to work on Friday?  Guess who is stupid...

Here's what snow looks like next to my car.    I'm from So Cal.  We didn't have stuff like this next to our cars.

And here's the view my car had all day ... while I was safely tucked away in my office.  In my heels.

Speaking of cars ...

Rick's car got all dressed up for the day, too.  No heels, though.  No one is that dumb.


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