Sunday, March 1, 2015

the thrill is gone ...

I'm about done with winter now.  Although it seemed like it would never come and it would be springtime forever, when it did come, well ... it just won't go away now.

With apologies to my East Coast friends, I'm sick of snow.  Yeah, yeah, I should live in Maine ... but since I don't and since I'm from sunny southern California ... get lost, winter.

I've eaten about every cookie I could find in our house, I've cleaned out just about every closet I could and I even made my bed this morning.  I've walked my dog up and down the icy cul de sac every day, I've played computer games until I'm sick of them ... and I've burned every spare log we had in our fireplace.

I've even read every appliance manual that I had lying around.

I'm so tired of being cold.

Oh, remember my puzzle?  It's still not finished.  It would be ... if it weren't right next to the coldest window in the house.  Brrrr, it's freezing in our kitchen.

Here's where I am on that, though:

No, wait.  I'm further along than that ... I know I am.  And I refuse to go back in time... this thing was TOO HARD!

Much better.  It's getting doner.

In fact ... LOOK!  Last piece about to go in!


Hey, stop messin' with me.  I finally got this thing done ... I know I did!


Okay, how 'bout we all look at the beauty of a snowflake instead?

Just stunning, huh?


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