Thursday, April 30, 2015

brrrrring.... bbrrrring....

Those four text messages were very, very interesting.

All four of them told me the name of my mother ... the mother that I have never known.  The young girl who gave me up for adoption back in 1957.  And not only was her name listed there, so was her husband's name and the names of all of her six or seven children.  (There was a question about one of the children and whether they were living or not... hence the six vs. seven.)

So there it was.  In black and white.  Something I have wanted to know for over 50 years ... and there it was.  The. Names.

AND ... their phone numbers.

Surreal, to say the least.  In fact, despite having wanted this information for SO SO long, I actually couldn't process it all and didn't know what to do next.

The main private investigator told me to call her.  I did.  (Yes, I waited until the show was over.)  She gave me more facts and more information than my little head could hold.  But I ate it all up and took notes as fast as I could.

There it was in all its glory.  The names of seven children and my name and birthdate tucked into the list second from the bottom.

Having grown up in a family with just one brother, longing for another sibling and having become an "orphan" eight short years ago ... suddenly I had siblings of all shapes and sizes.  And parents.  REAL parents.

My head spun.

So what happened next?

                                                        **  to be continued  **


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