Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It was like any other Sunday afternoon, except I was working at the theatre getting my actor guy all prepped and ready for his Shakespeare performance.  I've been working there for four weeks now, so yeah, it was like any other Sunday afternoon of late.

Right before the audience was slated to enter, I checked my phone one last time.  I have to turn the ringer off for the show and I usually do that early on so that I don't forget.  That's all we'd need ... the "I Love Lucy" theme song chiming from behind the curtain signaling that I was getting a call.  Shakespeare would turn over in his grave.  So, silence it I did ... but I checked it one last time.  And I noticed that I had four missed messages.  Four?  Wow, I was popular on Sunday.

I also noticed that the messages were from four different people.  Four people that I didn't know.


I peeked quickly at one and then one more.  The news in those messages didn't make sense.  I had never read anything so weird, so confusing before.  And yet, I knew what those messages were telling me.

And I screamed.  Loud.  The rest of the theatre crew stood there, looking at me like I'd sprouted five heads.  No one rushed me because it wasn't that kind of a scream.  It was an odd scream.  It was an odd time to scream, too.  And for heaven's sake, they all wanted me to shut up.

But I couldn't.  In those four messages, my life had just changed forever.

                                                              *** to be continued ***

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