Wednesday, May 20, 2015

day 202

I've quit counting.  Well just my "cold days."  I'm still counting those other days.  FOURTEEN.

But maybe my cold will go away now that I'm no longer counting "cold days."  It could happen...

There are 17 more days of work before my summer break, I do know that.  THAT is worth counting.

And before I get off work my nephew will have gotten married; my sister in law will have visited from and gone back home to California; my daughter will have turned 24; her cat will have turned 11 and my dog will have turned 15.  Yeah, it's all a numbers game.

And, of course, my DNA will have been revealed to me and I will then know if Lucille Privette Bowman is my mother ... and William J. Bowman is my father.  I will know if Cathy Bowman is my sister and if Jack Bowman is my brother.  I'll know, too, if Cheryl Dolby is my sister.  I think of her as my mother at the moment.  Yep, I'm a little mixed up.  It happens.

And I'll know if Blue Bell Ice Cream will soon be in my freezer again.

And if the trip to Hawaii that Rick wants to take will actually be taking place.

And if the exchange student Rick wants to take in from Sweden will be headed our way.

And if my new addiction to regular Coke will still be going strong.

And ... if I will ever gain control of the TV remote again.  Hey, it could happen.

But it probably won't.    You think I'll still have this cold, though?   Um, is the Pope Catholic?  I sure hope so.  But I don't think the last one was...


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