Monday, May 25, 2015

Going, going, go__?

Cold is gone, cough is not.
       Cold weather is gone, rain is not.
Sanity is gone, Rick's pain is not.
       Peanut butter is gone, bread is not.
Money is gone, checkbook is still full.
       Cream cheese frosting is gone, cinnamon rolls are not.
Vacation plans are gone, desire to fly to Hawaii is not.
       Breakfast is done, dishes are still staring me in the face.
School year is done, work days are certainly not.

So what do we have here?  A mish mosh of confusion?  Well, no.  Just a long list of things still waiting to be done and a long list of things that will never quite be done.

But none of it matters.  All that really matters to me right now ... is the DNA results.


No, I'm not antsy, whatever gave you that idea?

Here's something I'll focus on in the meantime:  24 years ago today, this little cherub came into the world.  Her actual birthday is Wednesday and she'll tell you so ... but honestly, it was on Memorial Day that she was born.  And Memorial Days will always be special to me because of that.

Look at those curls!!

Little Miss San Dimas ~ the pride of San Dimas in 2000.

... and a big girl now with her own cute apartment!

Where did the time go?

Yep, no more little girl, lots of fun times still ahead ... 


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