Tuesday, May 26, 2015

you'll never guess ...

... how many days are left!

Yup, Eight.

Sorry, I've got fruit for brains today ...

Still eight.  I think my brain is playing Solitaire at the moment.

Eight o'clock?   Okay, sure. 

Yeah, there's eight there.  I counted.

Oops, got distracted.  Scratch that.  Certainly glad I don't have to wait fourteen more days.

Yeah, yeah.  I can count.

Oops, mind wandered again.  A little Nemo humor came out...

Nope.  Just wishful thinking.

Sure would like a cupcake.   I think I'm tired of all this counting.

And my favorite number eight?  This one.  Reminds me of Easter.  That would be next Easter, though.  I don't wanna go back in time, thank you very much.

I think I'll go back in time a bit.

This was a fun time in my life.  A bit carefree.  Well, carefreer.

But this is still how I feel right now.  Yeah, it's Liz, but it should be me.


EIGHT.  eight.  8   7 + 1.

Just get here already.


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