Monday, June 1, 2015

up and under

Had to take Rick to the doctor today in search of some relief for the pain he's experiencing ... again. Again.  Did I mention AGAIN?  Oy vey.

His spine doctor is located inside of a rehabilitation facility inside of a hospital ... inside of a city inside of a state. Thank goodness it's inside. We've still got residual water problems all around so, yeah, I'm glad we're inside.  The Mosquitos wish we were outside, I'm sure.

The water problems, though, have affected the insides. There's no functioning computer nor any workable air conditioning in the building.  So as much as I like being inside, I think I'm going to have to go outside.

Inside or outside, this is just no fun. Rick is in pain and his pain has caused us to cancel our vacation. Our vacation was outside. In fact, it was in another state, outside.  If Rick's pain causes us to cancel anything else, I'll be sending Rick to the moon, which is definitely outside.

At least that way he'll be getting some sort of vacation ...


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