Tuesday, June 2, 2015

tomorrow, tomorrow ... I love ya' tomorrow

The big day is T O M O R R O W!   June 3rd.  And no, I haven't been counting the days.  Whatever gave you that idea?

DNA results are due in tomorrow morning.  And no, they would not release them a day earlier than that.  Grrrr.

So, just what makes me think that this will all rule in my favor?  This...

Um, Kris.  Just what IS this?

It's a potted plant that I received when my father died.  In 2004.  I've hung onto this plant for 11 years.  And I've taken VERY good care of it for 11 years.  And suddenly ... suddenly ... it died.  But it's okay because I'm sure it (or Someone) is trying to tell me that it's okay if this plant dies ... because I've got a new daddy now.

Stop laughing.

And if that doesn't seem believable enough ... this will.

This was the soda can that I opened today.  

Yep, Mom is trying to tell me something, too.

I can now rest easy.  I have new parents.  I'm no longer an orphan.

To-Morrow, To-Morrow!  I love ya, To-Morrow.  You're only a Day A-Way!

No, I don't have a background in musical theatre.  Why do you ask?


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