Thursday, May 7, 2015

we interrupt our regularly ... oh, skip it

Day 28 of my upper respiratory infection and today Pneumonia was ruled out.  Coincidentally today I began to feel better, too.  Coincidence?  Probably.  I'm finally on the mend.

Rick has started physical therapy and he's on the mend, too.

I have my DNA testing scheduled for tomorrow morning (Friday) so my heart and brain can mend as well.

And you know what?  Life at the Kahles can get back to normal.  Back to the roses and soft kittens that we all know it as.  Life at the Kahles is finally calming down and I see beautiful rainbows in our future.

Oh wait.

Yep, the Kahles were found in an Urgent Care tonight.  Something about a dinner party and some boiling honey.  Don't ask.  It isn't pretty.

And, so.  A little trip to an emergency room.

But never fear.

A little gauze, a little lecture, a little money and we're as good as new.  

And life is once again CALM at the Kahles.

I hope.


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