Monday, June 22, 2015

monday, then tuesday

and if it's Wednesday, it must be California.

You know, I grew up in California.  And I've been there many times since moving to Texas.  And I've been on many planes.  I was even a flight attendant in 1984.

I've also been on many vacations since moving to Texas and purt near all of my life.

I've even traveled around the world.  By boat.  Yes, I have sailed around the world.

So, uh ... why am I nervous?  Why am I nervous about this upcoming trip to CA?

Sigh.  Must be my age.  I blame everything on my age.

I'm old.  Old and grey.  Old, grey and ugly.  Old, grey, ugly and fat.   Oh, wait.  That's not what we were talking about.  I digress.

So, back to my age ...  my daughter made a funny comment.  I decided that Rick was perfectly able to stay home by himself while I was away and Elizabeth would have no part of it.  She is MOVING IN with Rick.  You know, cuz we're old.

Then she went one step too far.  She decided that maybe she should move in permanently ... cuz, you know ... we're incapable of taking care of ourselves.

I changed the locks.


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