Tuesday, July 7, 2015

nightmare. headache. problem. hatin' life. HACKED

I'm back from California and suddenly find myself in MANILA??  Yep, that's where my email says I've been.  And apparently I was in a horrible accident.  I'm hurt.  I'm broke.  And I'm begging anyone who'll listen, to send me money.

I hate hackers.  They seriously need to get a life.


EVERYONE in my email address book got an email from me today ... stating the above.  Oy the embarrassment.

Fortunately no one sent me cash in Manila.  Sadly no one put money in my Texas account, either.

I am back from CA and had to face this today.    The bright side is that my buddy Tamara actually took the hacker on!  I'll post her responses later.

Anyway, the first thing this morning... several people asked me how Manila was.  Um, good?  California was greater, though.  I'd rather go back there.  Tomorrow I'll touch on that trip.  Then I'll touch on Manila.  Then, who knows?  Maybe I'll touch on East Ethiopia.  Why not?

Oh and remind me to give you all my REAL bank account info.  You know, just in case you're worried about me.  And the horrible accident I had.


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