Saturday, August 15, 2015

a week in the life of ...

I returned to work, painted another room in the rental property, met with the casting director of The Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx again, secured a tenant in my townhouse, took another DNA test, worked for 4 days, lost my tenant, interviewed about 10 more prospective tenants, painted a bannister, sold a refrigerator, bought a new cell phone, painted a closet, spilled a can of paint on the carpet of the townhouse, changed a smoke alarm battery (hey, this was the hardest task of all!) and saw my daughter make the decision to move to California ... all in the last week.

With my daughter's news, I suspect I'm going to have a similar week next week. We're already starting to figure out what to do with her two beloved green couches and how much a Uhaul truck costs.

And how was your week?


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