Monday, August 10, 2015

to be or not to be

I got to thinking ... one famous quote is right.  The squeaky wheel does get the grease.  Yep, it does.  And that quote has been the story of my life.  Not that I'm the squeaky wheel nor the grease getter.  It's the story of my life in that I never seem to learn this.  I'm always the one sitting back and watching others get greased.  And then I hate myself for not getting greased myself.  Or grease-hungry.  Or just plain greasy.

So ... I decided to be the grease monger.  I texted "Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx" to see what's up and IF I'm still a candidate, etc.  For all I know, they've put me on the back burner.  For all I know, they got a good chuckle at my screen test and walked away.  For all I know they didn't even watch.  And for all I know ... oh, stop it, Kris.

So, I took to my computer and sent off a little email.

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