Saturday, August 8, 2015

post script

I have enjoyed my first full summer off immensely.  Since changing jobs and going to work for Frisco ISD, I haven't had a full summer off ... only four weeks each year.  I know, wah, wah.  Only four weeks off ... but I got into the education biz specifically to have summers off.  And this was my first full summer off ... and boy howdy, did I enjoy it.  There's one problem, though.  It's even harder to go back to work now.

But Tuesday is that day.  This is my last weekend before I head back.  Thankfully I have one more Monday.  I need two more Mondays, though.

My posting here has been sketchy because although I didn't go anywhere ('cept for that vacay to California in June and a little trip to OK this past Thursday) I kept myself very busy.

Y'all know about the townhouse and the beautiful paint job I did in it.
Y'all know about the TV show clamouring for my attention.

But here's some things you didn't know.  These were my goals for this first full summer off.  These are now my goals for next summer.  Yes, I guess they are.

1) I did not get my taxes done.
2) I did not get my photo albums updated.  I still have five or six or ten years worth of photos to print and add.
3) I did not get a new cell phone.
4) I did not get my "craft room" put together.
5) I, also, did not get any crafts done.  Well, I had no craft room ... so why bother?
6) I did not get all five years of "Walker, Texas Ranger" watched.
7) I did not buy a new car.
8) I did not get my taxes done.    I'm repeating myself hoping to strike a chord within me.
9) I did not lose 70 pounds.
10) Because I did not exercise.
11) I did not make my bed.  Not once.  Oh, wait.  Once.
12) I did not walk my dog daily (or at all).
13) I did not - and this was my main goal - rent a motorhome and drive across the states.

So what DID I get done this summer?

1) I cooked our dinners.
2) I cleaned and repaired the heck out of our rental property.  And this was not easy.  Trust me.  All of that dog poop on the floors?  SO NOT FUN.
3) I made three trips to THE DUMP to haul off the garbage left behind in our rental property.
4) I am STILL painting and fixing all of the damage left behind.
5) I "showed" the townhouse rental property to about a million people with no takers so far.  I wonder if the dog poop has anything to do with this ...
6) I drove to Tishomingo, Oklahoma with Rick so he could have a little vacation.  Not my fault that he fell asleep and missed it all.
7) I went to a reunion of some dear college friends in Palm Desert, California.
8) I met up with my oldest friend (known her since I was ONE!!) in Disneyland.
9) I watched four birds (all at different times) grow up and learn to fly.
10) I learned to drink coffee (I'm gonna let this one go, though).
11) I watched almost every episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" ... not that I wanted to.  Rick was glued to it.
12) I redocorated one wall in our living room.  (Only one wall needed attention).
13) I replaced the curtains in our guest room with HAND MADE, HAND SEWN curtains.  Yes, I did.  And by the way, the originals looked better.

14) And, I just sat down just today to pay some bills.  It's time.  I'm tired of the phone calls.

So ... back to work I go.  And you know what?  I'll probably get more done.  That always happens.

They say, if you want anything done, give it to the busy man.   Yep, that's me.  The one looking for a busy man to do some work for me.


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