Saturday, August 1, 2015

Una Semana

This past week has been incredibly enlightening.  I have learned just, oh, so much.  More than I cared to, actually.

First ... I learned how to paint ... my hand.

This is what I painted for reals...   

I think it looks lovely.  Rick thinks I may need a second coat.

I also learned that Ann Marie didn't age well.  I wanted to be her when I was 11.  

Actually, I just wanted her boyfriend Donald.   Donald didn't age so well, either.  He died in the '90's.  He wasn't 90 but he died in the '90s.  I was sad.  I still am.


I also saw one of these on Facebook this week.  I used to ride one of these.  Daily.   I think I logged about 10,000 miles on mine.  I feel nostalgic just seeing it again.  I feel tired, too.  10,000 miles is a long ride.  

Maybe I'm just tired from painting.

Maybe I'm just tired OF painting.

Maybe I'll go wash my hand now.

I also learned that if you drop one of these in water ... it cost over $600 to replace.  We learned this the hard way.

We also learned that rice does not suck up all the water.  Actually rice didn't suck up ANY of the water.  $600 later, it doesn't matter how much water the rice did or didn't suck up.

And finally, I learned that cue card writers don't know how to spell.  
This irritated me no end.

To be continued ...

... when the new phone is up and running, the paint is dry and the cue card writer has fixed his error.  Just kidding ... I can't wait that long for any of the above items.  'Cause I have something much more important to share with you tomorrow.

Are you ready for this????


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