Monday, August 3, 2015

the news? the news? the news? the news? the news? the news? Okay, already!

Remember this?  Remember her?  Remember when I said that a TV show had contacted me about being a possible "person of interest" on their show?

Remember my screen test?  

The show was called "Long Lost Family."  And I am long and lost from my family.  So ... Long Lost Family (the show) gave me a screen test to see if ... perhaps ... maybe ... I could be a person on their show.  Perhaps ... maybe ... they could find my long lost family.  

The gal above is the casting director.  The gal in the corner is me.  Being screened.  Being tested.

Remember when I said that my first screen test sucked and that I'd never, ever hear from them again?

Well, I was wrong.

They called me back for another interview.  Another screen test.  A ONE and A HALF HOUR interview and screen test.  This is what it all looked like the second time around:

Ms. Casting Director was a bit more dressed up and a bit more serious.  Ms. Girl down in the Corner was a bit more nervous, too.  1 1/2 hours is a LONG time!   

But it was fun!  

Ms. Casting Director had a script and I read with her and I answered her questions and I followed her directions and I sat up straight when she told me to and I did retakes when she made me.  I pretended she was a man.  Yes, I did.

Why, you may ask?  Because this tape was being given to a network and she was going to be edited out and a man was going to be edited in.

And I had to memorize what I was wearing ... in case they needed to come back and shoot some more.  I stink at memorizing so I just took a picture.  Here's my memory ...

Photos are much better at remembering my clothes that just me trying to memorize what I was wearing.

I wish I'd worn more makeup.  I wonder how I can change everyone's memory of my blandness ...

After the interview was over, I was told to send in a picture of me as a baby.  And I did.

Even this little baby has on more makeup than I was wearing.  Look at those pink lips!!

By the way, yes ... that was me.  I was rockin' that bonnet.

So ... what's on tap next?  No clue.  I just know that I was told to "put my search on pause".  I was told NOT to search right now and to hold off on doing any work for ONE MONTH.  Searching for one's birth family is actually VERY hard work so for me to put it all on hold?  Heck yeah!  I can SO do that!

I then went out for ice cream.

I may go out for ice cream every day.  What better way to put your search on pause.


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