Monday, September 14, 2015

26 years

So ... just how DID we spend our anniversary?  Outside of the hospital, I mean?  

We got home from the hospital around 4:00 AM and dove straight into bed.  After about five hours of sleep, we headed to a TGI Fridays to have lunch.  TGI Fridays, because that's where we met ... 
29 years ago on a blind date.  

We like to return there and reminisce.  We didn't actually meet at this particular one in Plano, Texas ... but it's close enough.

Then these two crazy kids pulled out a camera.

Yep, that's how we celebrated.  

We were scheduled to have dinner that night at a Brazillian Steak House but after a short hospital stay ...
and zero sleep (no that five hour nap does not count for quality sleep)

we did not make it to dinner that night.  Or the next night.  Or the next.

I'm still waiting for my special dinner.


Happy Anniversary, Rick.

Let's try not to celebrate our 27th in the hospital.


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