Saturday, September 12, 2015

T minus 2 again

The first T minus 2 didn't happen.  It couldn't.  The T minus 2 girl herself just couldn't get packed in time.  T minus 2 girl didn't get her car checked over, her apartment cleaned nor her apartment checked out of, either.  She certainly didn't have the time to turn off her utilities and perhaps get some money back.  No, T minus 2 girl is still here.

We have a new T minus 2 time.  The ol' girl is set to leave now on Tuesday morning.  At 4:00 AM.  No, I will not be up at that time to say goodbye.  Well, I might be, but I'm not planning on it.

So, what else happened in the last week?  Well, suffice it to say that it's a good thing that T minus 2 girl didn't leave yet because that ol' dancing fool on the last post?  You know, Twinkle Toes?  Well, he done danced himself right into the hospital on Tuesday night.  Actually it was Wednesday morning.  All evening, Tuesday night, Fred Astaire was having extreme pain in his left hip.  And at midnight, Tuesday night (or early Wednesday morning) Fred asked me to take him to the Emergency Room.  Normally he doesn't like hospitals, so when he asks to go... we go.   No, WE GO!  And we did.

The pain THIS time is caused by arthritis.  Not from too much dancing.  And why it cropped up now?  Well, Gene Kelly forgot to tell me that he was out of his pain pill.  So he was pain pill-less.  And pain full.

Know what else I learned?  When we checked into the ER I signed everything 9/8/15.  The nurse there quickly told me that it wasn't 9/8 ... it was now 9/9.    And I quickly told him ... oh, great.  It's also my wedding anniversary now.   SERIOUSLY, RICK???  What great timing you have.

The nurse took a liking to us and brought us an anniversary meal.

And ya know what?  We ate it.

You just haven't had an anniversary dinner until you've had one with Rick...


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