Friday, September 18, 2015

ahhhhhh ....

My child is gone.  She done flew the coop.

Well, not literally.  The birdies flew the coop but my dear, darling daughter hopped into her little red corvette ... I mean her little red solara ... and drove away.

The first five minutes that she was gone?  I smiled.  Life would now be stress free.

But at the sixth moment ... 

the agenda I was left with became more busy than ever before.  Wait, that was stinky English.  Suffice it to say that my world was more of a whirlwind than before.


For the last 48 hours, I've been packing and repacking her boxes ... some were not packed appropriately for United Van Lines.  I've fired and hired three different moving companies, I've also scheduled her hotel rooms, finished handling her new apartment and signing all of the paperwork, taking care of a broken a/c at my rental property, booking a pest control for the rental property, losing Elizabeth's keys, handling a visit from my sister in law which will take place on Saturday at 11:00 ... where did I put those keys??? ... working on a group bible study that I'm leading on Sunday, dressing and redressing Rick's flesh wound ... anyone seen those keys? ... paying about 100 overdue bills, doing all of the laundry, taking bids for our own house leak repairs ... and cooking a meal or two.  

Tonight's pizza was awful.  I'm gonna leave the cooking to Domino's from now on.


My time is not my own right now and for that, I'm stressed.  Life is whirring around me right now.

Know what makes it all better?


Elizabeth wrote Rick and I 365 letters to read while she's away.  One for each day of the year.  'Cept there's only 150 here.  She got tired halfway through.


I'm tired, too.  I'll read them all tomorrow.

Or the next day.

Or after I find the keys.


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