Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Could a day get any worse?

No, really, could it?

Good grief!    From a moving company that doubled their price by counting their footsteps (and not parking by the nearest door...) to having to FIRE the moving company after many arguments over their price ... to a doctor's appointment gone bad ... to the declining health of your husband who refuses to take the necessary steps to "fix" himself ... to unlimited arguements with said husband over taking care of himself ... to a negative balance in your checkbook causing many bounced checks ... to some bills that didn't get paid ... to the capper of the evening; finding out that the awful moving company charged you a huge cancellation fee and plans to keep your deposit as well.

And then the dog threw up.

Then she pooped in the kitchen.

I'd slit my wrists (just kidding) if I hadn't received the good news that ...

MY DAUGHTER GOT A JOB AT DISNEYLAND TODAY!!!  Yee haw!   I've got free Disneyland passes!  I mean, SHE got free Disneyland passes!  (For me.)

And I booked a trip out to see her in November AND December!

Take THAT moving company!   Oh wait.  I doubt they care.


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