Sunday, September 27, 2015

this is my fight song ...

Sorry.  I've got that song stuck in my head today.  Actually all weekend.  I've been watching way too much TV, I fear.

You know that T-2 thing awhile back?  Yeah, no.  Liz made it to CA but her furniture is still here.

HOWEVER, it leaves my house today.  YOUR house, I hear you asking?  Yep, MY house.

After a terrible series of events, I had to move ALL of Liz' furniture to my garage.  Doing this was harrowing but I had the help of some wonderful friends ... they literarlly saved my life.  And having Liz' furniture here made my stress level go way down.

So, it leaves today and will arrive in Brea on Tuesday or Wednesday.  And all will be well.  It has to be.  I can't take much more of this!!

Here's some fun pictures of the move.  Well, of the furniture's move.

Hey!  Give me a break.  We are not professional movers.  We used what we had available!

And since Rick wasn't using it ...

Hey, I said we had fun.  We HAD to make it fun...

Yeah, more fun.   So much fun...

This is Judy.  She just always looks like she's having fun.  I hate her.

No, I really don't!!!  She saved my life!

Kudos to Noreen and Joe Brown, Cody Bridwell and Kenneth Jolly, too.  They also saved my life.  So did the man in the elevator who helped us push everything out!  He saved the elevator's life.

And ... here's the final picture.  All gone.  All gone.

Oops.  All here.  All here.  

Hey you forgot something!

Next up ... what Liz was doing while her furniture was changing zip codes.


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