Sunday, October 25, 2015


So not only will my daughter be a tour guide at Warner Bros. (like mother like daughter ... I was a tour guide at NBC TV) Studios ... She began her job at Disneyland on Thursday. She knew going into this that she'd be in Critter Country working on one of three rides. Nothing to write home about. But true to Elizabeth form, she got more news-of-her-life.  Little did she know, but Critter Country has merged with New Orleans Square. And Elizabeth finished her training today having learned that she'll be working on her very favorite ride of all time ... The Pirates Of The Carribbean.

I can hear it now ....  Arrrr this and Arrrr that.   Oy vey.   I mean Ar vey.

But congrats, Liz. You'll look swell with that patch over your eye. I mean, your arrrrrye.


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